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Based on the upcoming book, Getting Organized in High Heels, Linda L. Eubanks,Organization Consultant,and Life Coach teaches creative coaches, consultants and home owners the importance of creating order through personal healing and organization. As a life coach, my track record involves getting to the root of behaviors, decisions when it comes to getting organized.

The women who work with me are overwhelmed with juggling their family, career, and social life. They’ve implemented tips from every book, and magazine they can get their hands but it only works for a short amount of time then they end up back were they started…unorganized. The conversation they have in their head is, “Only if I had the time to find out why this is happening, I can get my life in order, get my head above water and get the results they desire”.

Order isn’t something that we’re born with. It’s a trait that we master by following the voice within us that’s leading us to experience a bigger life than the “stuff” we own.  When we heal our relationship with “stuff”; we unpack the possibilities that were hidden behind dust, clutter, hurt, shame and betrayal.

 So what do you want to unpack today?

business organziation

Who I Work With

As an organization consultant, small business hire me to assess how it operates, make recommendations and implement the agreed upon process and procedures. With over 20+ years of working with government agencies and corporate America, my client often find themselves struggling:

creating new systems to wrap around new technology
upgrade their infrastructure to sustain their growth and profitability

Organizing looks different to everyone because we have different needs to achieve our desired outcome.” .— Linda L. Eubanks