A Professional Organizer, Life Coach, and Corporate Trainer, Linda is the Founder and President of Black Label Living Spaces, the first women owned consultancy agency specializing in the skill of organization to creative consultants, realtors, career enthusiast and small and large businesses. Linda teaches her clientele to heal your relationship with the things you own, optimize their living space, and create a clear path to success by breaking up with clutter.

As the recipient of 2015, 2016, and 2017 Tampa Marketing Program for Lifestyle Management and Our sourcing, Linda, the Organizing Contessa, was established as the go-to expert for those wanting to achieve order quickly and with confidence.

With her sassy, strategic coaching philosophy stems from clarity, consistency and order that’s rooted from her father’s 30 plus years in the military sprinkled with compassion and effective listening skills that are a plus when working in the field of organization.

When women have exhausted all other options to ge organized, they call on Linda to flush or the mental fog, open up new possibilities and create a new sense of order that will enable them to thrive in within themselves, their family and the community.

It was a 400 square foot hotel room changed her life, after her divorce and catapulted her into the world of organization that showed her perseverance in life and business. With Linda at the helm. Black Label Living Spaces is destined to become a staple in the community for lifestyle skill management for marring your living space with the person you want to become in life and business.  

I created this space because I couldn’t find someone to help me flush out the amount of emotional, physical and mental clutter that I had accumulated in life. I knew that during this journey, my overall goal was for my physical environment to match the level of joy I wanted and deserved in life.

She is also the founder of Getting Organized in High Heels, a movement where she teaches women the importance of creating order through personal healing and organization to small women's groups, corporate events, small social groups, women conferences, and non-profit organizations.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create order through personal healing and home organization so they can thrive within themselves, their families and their community. We do this by offering community workshops, clutter-free events, breakout sessions for conferences, and speaking engagements at local universities and colleges.


  1. Dependability.

  2. Reliability.

  3. Loyalty.

  4. Commitment.

  5. Open-mindedness.

  6. Honesty.

  7. Efficiency.

Everyone has deep-seated relationships with clutter. It’s how we handle those relationships that count.
— Linda L. Eubanks, The Organizing Contessa, Life Coach & Organization Consultant

What We've Achieved

  • Corporate Girls Unite Foundation, scholarships for new entrepreneurs to attend networking events and conferences.

  • Tampa Marketing Program Lifestyle Management Award 2015

  • Getting Organized In High Heels movement where we teach lifestyle skills to young girls and women.

  • Tampa Marketing Program Award for Outsourcing 2016, 2017