TO HELP WOMEN TO thrive within themselves, their families and their community.

Meet Linda L. Eubanks, Army BRAT, world trvaler, Smartie lover, and owner of Black Label Living Spaces, LLC . Linda shares her story of how a 400 square foot hotel room saved her life by using her organizing skills to go from divorcee, homeless to success entrepreneur.

She is also the founder of Getting Organized in High Heels, a movement where she teaches women the importance of creating order through personal healing and organization to small women's groups, corporate events, small social groups, women conferences, and non-profit organizations.

Signature Topics for Breakout Sessions & Workshops

Get Unpacked

Have you tried to get organized but it didn't work. I have to solution to your problem. During the talk, we will unpack the 3 reason why putting things in order is hindering your success.

The Power of Purging

We all have a untold relationships with "stuff". During this talk, Linda will walk women through her signature COC process of eliminating the things that no longer serve them while. How to navigate through the seasons of purging to become the best version of yourself.

It’s my brand promise to get your organized quickly and with confidence. The main focus on our mission is to impact organizing skills to women and children. We do this by offering community workshops, clutter-free events, breakout sessions for conferences, and speaking engagements at local universities and colleges.


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