Linda L. Eubanks

Owner + Curator of Black Label Living Spaces

After her divorce, living in a 400 sq ft hotel room. She was overwhelmed with trying to put the pieces of my life back in order. I tried everything under the moon. Courses, templates, books and audios but nothing worked. Like you, I yearned for something that catered to me. One day, I looked in the mirror and asked myself “How in the hell did I get here?”.

That was the day I changed my life. I began to use my organizing skills to change my life and I can change yours too.

A little about me:
Hometown: Born in Topeka, KS

Places I’ve Lived:  Germany, London, Kansas, Texas, currently Tampa, FL

Places I’ve traveled: France, Germany, England, Spain, Mexico, Russia, and Switzerland,

Currently listening to: Drake, Beyonce, Cardi B, Hasley, and Lizzo

Favorite food: Enchiladas, Ruben sandwich, Lobster Bisque, and Smarties  

Favorite TV shows: This is Us, Real Housewives brand, Chopped, and the Santa Maria Diet

Currently reading: Shift Your Brilliance by Simon Bailey, and The Code by Steve Errey

Childhood nickname: Lynn, Twiggy

Products I can't live without: Eye shadow, Chapstick, and hand lotion

Fun Fact: For Halloween, I dressed up like Wonder Woman. Did the twirl and feel off the steps.