Linda L. Eubanks

Owner + Curator of Black Label Living Spaces

A little about me

Today, my work revolves around effectively creating order and structure to women who’s personal mission includes thriving within themselves, their families, and their community.

*Eye-shadow addict-eyes are the window to the soul; so lets give them something to look at.
*Former cubicle hugger
*400 square ft hotel room changed her life
* Dessert Connoisseur (I personally believe dessert should be an appetizer)


After her divorce, living in a 400 sq ft hotel room. She was overwhelmed with trying to put the pieces of my life back in order. I tried everything under the moon. Courses, templates, books and audios but nothing worked. Like you, I yearned for something that catered to me. One day, I looked in the mirror and asked myself “How in the hell did I get here?”.

That was the day I changed my life. I began to use my organizing skills to change my life and I can change yours too.