When the Little Girl Within Fades

There’s something about the innocence of being a little girl. Maybe it’s the naive. May it’s the excitements that comes with hearing, learning and doing things for the first time. I know that as a woman and dealing with my issues, I had to take that walk down memory lane to my childhood to deal with some issues, haven’t you?

One thing that I have learned is that with trying to hold the world on my shoulders, be a boss and helping everyone, I forgot what it was like to be that little girl. You know running around like the bills were paid, dancing in the rain and just being carefree. It came to a moment life where I had to stop to smell the roses. Yes, there were no ifs, and or buts about it. What was it, a breakdown!

I remember that day like it was yesterday. As I was getting ready for the day, I walked into the shower feeling a little weird. I started shaking and BOOM started crying uncontrollably.  I tried to cover up the sound with my washrag but only drowned out the sound a little until he walked into the bathroom.

My fiance came running into the bathroom asking what’s was wrong. He even jumped in the shower with me with his clothes on to hold me. I was tired, things weren’t working out in my business, my dad just got out of the hospital and money was going up and down and most of all I kept trying to be superwoman instead of being the little girl that would’ve immediately yelled for help.Here’s five-ways that I’ve implemented in my life so that I would keep the little girl within alive.

  1. Look at Your Surroundings- Our surrounding are the tell-tale signs of internal struggles. Messy houses, bills being paid late, pushing the people you love away and most of all

  2. Learn to Dance Your Own Dance- Only you know your internal song. You know that one that you strut to as you walk down the street or some may say that song that always in you heart. It time to turn that puppy up and dance only how you can.

  3. Become a Snitch- I said it. Snitch on everything that’s bothering you. Tell the people that love and support you when things aren’t feeling right. When you were little, you may have been told snitching was not a good thing but in this case.. tell it all.

  4. Have faith- When you were a kid, I’m sure your when your parents said they were going to do something for you, you believed it. It’s the same with faith, you were told that you can have something, just wait for it to come with expectation.

  5. Take That Cape Off- Even superwoman took that cape off at times and so should you. Hang that cape up and just be a woman, soft, tender yet strong and vulnerable.

Nevertheless, I cried for a full day in bed while sharing my thoughts with my fiance and journal. After a good cry, prayer and good nap. I felt so much better and 10 pounds lighter. until next time.. remember, this is Just Between Us Girls


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