Simplified Solutions To Maintaining Your Home

Life is filled with enough things to do so can you imagine what you have to do to maintain your household? That’s a lot to do right? I have 6 things to do to maintain your sacred place.

1.Deep Clean Once A Week- Whether you hire a main or you’re a DYI self kind of gal, deep cleaning once a week has save me so much time. At time when I was in my single-hood, I found that Friday nights consist of me, myself and I  with cookie dough ice cream, Neflix and a bottle of wine. I soon found myself looking at my untidy apartment trying to decide what to do so I can have gal pal time and not worry about cleaning the rest of the weekend and up coming week. Trust me it’s a time saver.

2. Food Shopping- Create a food list through out the list. I use To Do App to create a folder for shopping(just the basics ladies, just the basics). If you’re on online food shopper, simply send them the list to your favorite grocery store to have groceries delivered. In the comments section you can specify to have your meats and fruits in separate bags for quick storage.  

3. Charity Matters So Create a Donation Space. Do you find items that you pass by every day like that stack of books. The rule of thumb is that you have not used in a year or so, donate it. Create a donation place in your home to place the items in. Once a week take some items to your local Goodwill or charity . P.S. if you have business attire, Dress for Success is an excellent place to donate. (wink)

4. Decrease Paper Clutter- You know the receipts, magazines and newspapers that are laying around, take a moment to put them in a proper place. You can store your magazines in an desk storage system or your receipts in a pre-marked envelope for easy filing.

5. The CCS (Cute Clutter System)-If you find clutter building up in an room, set up a system to help make the mess disappear (well for now). Put out a large basket or storage ottoman to throw them in before heading to bed like this one from Overstock. It’s cute, saves space and organizes.

6. Collapse Your Weekly Wardrobe-There’s nothing like trying to find the right outfit for the day right? Take 10 minutes to collapse your wardrobe. Find your basics, find your mix and match pieces for the next 5 days and hang them on your hanger. If you do not have a collapsed hanger then find a small space in your closet to store your outfits and them rotate them as the weeks pass.

Maintaining you scared space doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. After a long week of working and taking care of life, you deserve a restful weekend filled out love laughter and good food. Tell me your number uno way to maintain your sacred space in the comments below. 

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