It's Time to Elminate the Clutter


As a life coach, my track record involves getting to the root of behaviors, decisions and outcomes. This is done by a series of steps will get you results quickly and with confidence with what I call the Style, GRIT and Grace formula.

I offer group or exclusive 1 on 1 coaching service for women who are looking from freedom, order and a GREATER sense of life by creating order through life and home organization. Coaching Options:

  • The Art of Organizing You-16 week program where we focus on organizing you as a woman first and career woman/entrepreneur second. 
  •  Your Life Designed & Organized-This is my tag team program where we have fun organizing you while creating your HGTV home that's crushworthy while doing some life coaching.
  • Surviving 2 Organizing-HIT (Highly Intensive Training) group coaching program offered 2 twice a year for quick results for women who are vivacious in organizing themselves. Offered in the Spring 2018 and November 2018

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Linda worked with me after my kids went to college. Now that the kids were gone, I didn’t know what to do. Linda helped me revive my life, set new priorities so I can live my truth not only as a mom but as a woman
— Sara J. Sacramento, CA