Have you flipped through magazines dreaming of owning a home like the one in magazines? By pair my coaching and organizing skills we can create a organized systems that exudes your vision,dreams and passions by answering three questions.

How Do You Want To Feel?
How Do You Want It To Look?
What do you want it to say about you?


Our Services:

  • Residential Organizing Working with one on one is an true investment of your time and space Because you are allowing us to enter your scared place and the sensitivity of our work, we will ensure that you’re in a safe environment while we work together

  • Virtual Organizing This for my TechGems, who are lovers of digital tools, are not in my physical reach and want to get their living space in order. We can work virtually via my online project management portal to organize you virtually.

    Currently Organzing: Closets, Kitchens, Bathrooms, Livingroom, Home Offices

Our Process

  • Complete the contact form were we'll ask you some questions about your organizing needs and challenges and then schedule a time to meet.
  • During that first meeting, we will review your space and give you an assessment and an estimate of how long it will take plus we'll chat about our organizing packages.
  • At that point, we can either begin working or schedule our first working session
Grab her while you can. Linda is my dream come true. Flexible, knows her stuff and she has a little sass. I loved working with her.
— LaKeisha Bailey, Clearwater FL