Linda L Eubanks
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Welcome to the online home of Linda L. Eubanks, coach, home consultant and owner of Black Label Living Spaces, a premier home an property management company based in Tampa, FL.

We work with homeowners, escrow officers, mortgage officers, property investors, and real estate agents who understand that time is money. When realtors, their clients and builders have invested in properties, we know that the quicker the sale the happier you and your clients are.


“I believe that everyone has deep-seated relationships with “stuff”. What matters is how we handle that relationship.

linda. l. eubanks


I’ve never worked with a coach before so I did some research online to see what I was getting myself into. I knew that help was needed. My time was limited along with my own personal career goals for this year. I came in with high expectations and Linda met and exceeded everyone of one. She was both kind, and understanding.

The funny thing was that it was like she read my mind during our video sessions. After sorting through my life, understanding how I got here and applying Linda’s simple yet powerful strategies, life hasn’t been the same. My life goals are clearer, I’m getting the results I needed, and my home is absolutely flowing with good energy.

- Debra, St, Petersburg, FL