Meet Linda

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Linda L Eubanks, known as The Organizing Contessa, is an award winning Life Coach, Professional Organizer for overwhelmed career enthusiast who want personal success but needs order and structure with creating systems and routines to help them achieve the life they desire quickly and with confidence.

When she's not organizing or coaching women, you'll find her watching WWE, snacking on Smarties, shopping for eyeshadow palettes or busting a move like she's at a Beyonce concert. Lets throwing in a good hardy laugh, a fine Prosecco with a freshly printed book will make my day complete.

Her tips and products have been featured in Exposure Magazine, HOPE for Women Magazine and The DIVA Zone Magazine. She is the recipient of The Best in Tampa Bay for Outsourcing & Lifestyle & Business Management for 2013,2014, 2015, and 2016.

Linda is an contributing author The Titus Woman along with her upcoming book, The Art of Organizing You- Feeding Your Soul as a Woman First and Entrepreneur Second, is set to hit the market in September of 2018.  In addition, Linda jump started Corporate Girls Unite, a scholarship program for women to cover business conferences and networking events that help them to build their businesses along with her other several businesses that provide lifestyle management services.

The times were not always rainbows and unicorns.

  • Moved to the United States when I was 19 from Germany
  • Purchases an $97 one way Am-track ticket to Tampa FL changed my life (with only a duffel bag and a trunk)
  • Left a abusive marriage, I hid in a 400 sq ft hotel room for 2 years to reorganize her life

It’s Linda's sense of order that crafted her personal mission to help women discover why disorganization has found its way to the steps of their pretty hearts and homes. Equipping women to embrace and implement simple, no nonsense steps to remain cutter-free with confidence came from years of personal and life experience. This is what Linda calls the Style, GRIT & GRACE Factor.

Black Label Living Spaces is a personalized home management and life coaching boutique.  Destined as an progressive home management & life coaching agency for women, Linda shares her simple strategies that bring harmony + creates a sanctuary by organizing your home, life in the Tampa Bay area and nation wide.


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Because of her introverted nature, Linda enjoys small intimate groups so she created Lounge with Linda. Lounge with Linda is held every 6 months that limited to 15 women. During this private event, women from across the county are able to dig deep into the process of getting organized for our yourselves, our families and our community. Join our newsletter to receive notification to sign up for Lounge with Linda.