I believe that every women has deep-seated relationships with “stuff”. What matters is how we handle that relationship.

Based on the upcoming book, Getting Organized in High Heels, Linda L. Eubanks, Home Organization Consultant, Life Coach shares how she used organization to re-claim her life by getting to the root of why no being organized was hindering her success. I help women who’ve read every book, magazine, and course about getting organized but are not getting the results they desire.


A little about me

Today, my work revolves around effectively creating order and structure to women who’s personal mission includes thriving within themselves, their families, and their community.

*Eye-shadow addict-eyes are the window to the soul; so lets give them something to look at.
*Former cubicle hugger
*400 square ft hotel room changed her life
* Dessert Connoisseur (I personally believe dessert should be an appetizer)

Why women are working with Linda:

Linda’s focus was to provide women the opportunity to focus on organizing their head, heart and living spaces to achieve a greater level of success. Linda provides:

  • Security- You’re allowing me to enter your private space besides every woman wants and needs security.

  • Expertise-Linda is not someone who’s jumped on the scene. She has been organizing spaces, businesses and lives for over 10 years.

  • Stability- I’m not the kind of gal that goes gallivanting all over the place. I want to be dedicated to you and your success.

  • Building Relationships-It’s uber important that we build a long lasting relationship because building a strong, healthy and profitable business doesn’t happen overnight.

This is your personal invitation to walk through my site to see if it resonates with you.

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2013-Recipient of Best in Tampa Bay for Outsourcing award.
2014-Recipient of Best in Tampa Bay for Outsourcing & Lifestyle Management
2015-Receipient of Best in Tampa Bay for Business Management Consulting

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