Helping women create the life they desire by conquering unhealthy organizing habits to create order and structure in your home and life

With an ever increasing amount of paperwork, increased job duties and family commitments, women turn to Linda to help them discover their organizing style, create order and structure with storage solution and increase their confidence by teaching simple organizing skills.

I say that I’m a sassy and Smartie popping home organization consultant and life coach who used organization to re-discover life. Based on the upcoming book, Getting Organized in High Heels, Linda L. Eubanks, Home Organization Expert, Life Coach shares her organizing strategies to shake up your approach to organizing.

After leaving an abusive marriage, I didn’t recognize the woman looking back at me and neither did my home reflect the woman I wanted to be. The hot girl that laughed out loud and was ready to conquer the world became overweight, lost her confidence and sat in silence. This is where living in a 400 square foot hotel room changed my life. That day I used my personal organizing skills to get her life back in order.

Today, my personal mission is to use my superpower of creating order and structure to empathize and invoke action to women homeowners, career enthusiast, and solo entrepreneurs who want to get organized but don't know where to start so they learn to thrive within themselves, their families and their community.

When working with me, you can expect to stay true to your vision for your life. Along with confidentiality, simple solutions and honesty. This is your personal invitation to walk through my site to see if it resonates with you.

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2013-Recipient of Best in Tampa Bay for Outsourcing award.
2014-Recipient of Best in Tampa Bay for Outsourcing & Lifestyle Management
2015-Receipient of Best in Tampa Bay for Business Management Consulting

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Getting Organized in a lifestyle not a trend-Linda L. Eubanks

Getting Organized In High Heels is an organizing and life coaching firm dedicated to elevating your life to reflect in your home.